This is the hair-raising moment a train surfer films himself leaping on to the front of a DLR train and gripping onto its carriage while it races through an underground tunnel

Shocking footage shows the moment a daredevil lunges onto the front of a train and clings onto its while it moves at high speed through a tunnel.

The man, who appears to be wearing a head camera, can be seen jumping onto the DLR train as it stopped at a platform, believed to be Woolwich Arsenal.

The dizzying footage shows the man trying to find his balance as his feet are precariously propped on a tiny platform at the front of the carriage.

He uses some handles to cling on while the train travels at a such great speed that it is “sometimes scary even when you’re sitting”.

The hair-raising footage, which was sent anonymously to YouTube channel DyingLlama, starts with the man standing on the platform with another person beside him as he eyes the waiting carriage.

The other man can then be heard asking: “Are you sure?”, to which the train surfer replies: “I’m videoing, we have to, we’re doing it”.

Concerned passengers from inside the carriage can be seen using their flashlights as they come up to the window and try to film the man, but he urges them to stay silent and back up.

The man can be seen balancing on the tiny platform throughout the entirety of the five-minute underground travel to the next stop.

The video, which has gotten more than 18,500 views since being posted, received loads of comments from shocked viewers who couldn’t believe their eyes.

One YouTube viewer said he believes the man got on the train at Woolwich Arsenal and got off at King George V.

He added: “That dlr train goes really quick in that tunnel to the point that it’s sometimes scary even when you are sitting inside, can’t imagine how it felt for him on the outside.”

One person, who goes by the username of Shot Man, said: “This was probably more dangerous than walking on top of a skyscrapers.”

“This was a crazy one man. I was so scared for you,” Banana m added.