Jade Wass, 26, and Jud Day, 33, decided to move to Birmingham four months ago but then went back to Teesside as they found they were not settling in well. They have been homeless since September 21

A homeless couple hit back at critics after going through “six weeks of hell” in which they have been living in their car and washing in public toilets.

Jade Wass, 26, and Jud Day, 33, decided to move to Birmingham four months ago but then went back to Teesside as they found they were not settling in well.

The mum and dad-of-two drove to Middlesbrough on September 21 and claim they have been homeless since.

The pair left Birmingham thinking they had ended their tenancy agreement in their supported accommodation.

The couple said “a referral has been sent” to Middlesbrough Council but they have not understood if the tenancy with Birmingham Council is still active or not.

Jade and Jud have responded to criticism after being questioned about the money spent on petrol, paying for a B&B and selling their Ford Focus.

The woman said: “People are saying to us why don’t you just get a B&B but at the end of the day B&B’s are really expensive.

“What we get would probably pay for two weeks in a B&B and then what are we going to do for the other two weeks when the money runs out?

“People are saying all that money you’re spending on petrol, why don’t you just get rid of your car and get a house?

“But imagine if we got rid of the car and couldn’t get a house – then we’d hit more rock bottom.”

Jud said he has been feeling “weak” and is scared of catching Covid-19 due to their unstable living conditions.

He said: “If we were to catch corona how are we meant to isolate? I’ve been getting bad headaches, I’ve been getting back pains, feeling weak and sick.

“I woke up at 3am, I was still freezing even though somebody brought us a blanket. We haven’t got a shower, we haven’t got a toilet, we’ve got nothing.

“We do have money, we do get our benefit money, but that has to do for food and things that you need. But with us having to buy takeaways and stuff, it’s using more money.

“We’re having to buy takeaways and sandwiches, then bits of petrol and stuff like that.”

He added: “We’re homeless, we’ve got nowhere to go. We don’t know what to do.”

The couple – whose two children live with Jade’s parents – said they wake up every day between 9am and 10.30am and begin looking for a house, contacting landlords and agencies.

Jade said they cannot sleep much some nights as they are always worried and feel cold.

Due to their situation, they do not even have proper toilet facilities, so they said they have travelled over 50 miles to “sneak into” services at Scotch Corner which has “showers for lorry drivers”.

Jud added: “Sometimes we’ve locked ourselves in the disabled toilet in Morrisons, we’ve had to wash our privates and wash our hands in the sink.

“But other people then have to go and use the toilets – it’s a bit disgusting. I know it is, but that’s what we’ve had to do.”

“All I want to be able to do is be in a home, have a shower, and cook some food,” Jud said.

Since sharing their story, some members of the public came to the pair’s aid, giving them food and other necessities.