Razer has updated its suite of productivity peripherals with the new Pro Click Mini wireless mouse, the Pro Type Ultra wireless keyboard, and the Pro Glide XXL mouse mat (also wireless). Among the new features of the peripherals are sound dampening foam in the keyboard, “silent mechanical” switches in the mouse, and improved battery life across both models.

As its name suggests, the Pro Click Mini is a more compact version of Razer’s existing Pro Click wireless mouse, so it’s easier to stash in a laptop bag. Despite being cheaper at $79 rather than $99, it benefits from having a similar dual-mode scroll wheel to the Basilisk V3, which lets you swap between a free-spinning scroll mode and more traditional tactile scrolling. It’s not rechargeable like the Pro Click (the Mini uses AA batteries instead), but the upside is that it offers up to 15 months of battery life rather than 2.5. It can connect over Bluetooth or via Razer’s 2.4GHz USB dongle.

The Pro Type Ultra, meanwhile, costs $159 compared to $139 for the existing Pro Type. That extra money gets you an included leatherette wrist rest, plus the ability to use the keyboard wired in addition to wireless. But perhaps the most practical benefit is its extended battery life, which goes up to 214 hours if you’re using the keyboard over Bluetooth without backlighting or 207 hours using the 2.4GHz USB dongle (up from 84 and 78 hours, respectively). Those figures drop dramatically to just 13 hours if you’re using the keyboard’s backlighting, however. It’s equipped with Razer’s linear yellow switches.

Finally, there’s the Pro Glide XXL, a 94cm / 37-inch-wide mouse mat that’s designed for both a mouse and keyboard to sit on simultaneously. It costs $29.

Razer’s Pro Click Mini mouse and Pro Glide XXL mouse mat are both releasing today, while its Pro Type Ultra keyboard will launch before the end of the year.